Wedding Guidlines

- Please notify the parish at least 4 months in advance.

- The couple should have a past connection to and/or a future connection with St. Anthony, St. Elizabeth, and St. Matthias Parishes.

- Obtain updated copies of your baptismal records by contacting the Churches in which you were baptized. For non-Catholics, see if your Church has a written record of your baptism.

- Attend a marriage workshop. Click Here.

- Meet multiple times with the priest or minister officiating at the wedding. The minister will administer an assessment test, discuss assigned reading material, and get to know you on a personal level.

- Obtain a civil marriage license through the state within 60 days of the wedding. 

- NOTE: If either spouse has been previously married, an annulment through the Tribunal Office must be pursued. The clergy will help you with this. A wedding date cannot be set until the annulment is approved. Formal Case Annulments take longer than 4 months.

- Only religious music is approved for the wedding.