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Flocknote Sign-Up Help

(From our Parish Pastoral Council)


     Flocknote is a communication capability designed to let the parishioners of St. Elizabeth decide how, when and where do they want to receive communication from St. Elizabeth parish.  It is a system currently used by a large majority of churches in Columbus.  St. Elizabeth Parish is rolling this system out to help improve communication and awareness of parish activities.  This is a fully digital system, no health risk.

We ask all who are involved at St. Elizabeth's in any way,

including non-parishioners and Mass-goers, to sign up for this

free service.  It takes about 2 minutes.  Simply go to

stelizabethcolumbus.flocknote.com and follow the prompts.


How to sign-up for Flocknote?

This is all done from your home, on-line or directly from your mobile phone.  Once you enter your information, Flocknote will verify your numbers by emailing or texting your with a verification request.  you need to verify your email or text number, and then you will be asked to select which email / text groups you want to join.  It is that easy!

To sign-up, on a computer just type in the following address:


Note that this website is different from the parish website address.

Please note - if asked, say Yes to save "COOKIES"

     You will see the screen below where you will be asked to insert your name and contact information.  Type in name phone and email and click "Sign Me Up".

     Or try Text-to-join > You can also sign-up directly from your mobile phone, just insert contact 84576; and text message: STELIZABETH6077

     Example = Text "STELIZABETH6077" to contact 84576

     Either way you do it, just follow the responses that you get back from Flocknote to complete your sign-up process.

     Note - any email or phone number can ONLY be registered with one person.  If two people register, they both cannot use the same email address or phone number.  Their email and phone numbers MUST be unique to their registration.

     It is suggested you establish a password so that you can log into Flocknote later to make any changes to your group selections.

Feel free to share the text-to-join keyword by email, text, or word of mouth, but please do not post it anywhere online, such as your Facebook page, Twitter account, website, etc.

Please note:  Flocknote does not charge parish members to receive or reply to texts.  However, standard message and data rates from your cell carrier may apply.

Individual Flocknote Groups:

  • Youth are welcome to sign up, especially if they are involved in a parish group.  Flocknote is designed to be wholly compatible with safe environment and child-protection policies.  
  • Group Preference can always be changed by logging in and changing preferences.
  • Group Leaders' Communication
    • Groups leaders / note senders need to setup and use passwords so they can send out communication updates.
    • Most messages will be sent by group leaders via email.  Text will only be used for emergency notifications.
    • Group leaders will be able to communicate with those who have signed up for a group listed on the Flocknote home page.  These messages will be visible to other members of the group and to the parish administrators.
    • Some groups are closed groups.  These are marked with a padlock symbol.  Members are added to the group after the administrator of the group approves the individual's request to join.