Shaklee Fundraiser


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YOU ARE THE ONE WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! WHY YOU??? Because YOU can make a true difference in meeting some of our parish's needs by simply redirecting money that YOU are ALREADY spending and calling Amy Cotter at 307-5451 for a FREE Shaklee Product Guide and easy product ordering, or shopping at our website Just as other parishioners have enjoyed the variety of products to choose from! Save time, money, and gas in your car by having your products delivered right to your door! The commission from YOUR purchases go directly to the parish!!! Be sure to invite your family and friends outside of our parish with us too!!

St. Elizabeth Parish started this ongoing fundraiser through Shaklee to help fund upcoming maintenance items that are not within our current budget. (Such items included but not limited to the following: replacing the church parking lot and other major capital improvements). This unique fundraising opportunity in no way constitutes as an endorsement of these products by St. Elizabeth Church or of the Diocese of Columbus.