Parish History

The parish of Saint Elizabeth was established May 22, 1967, by Bishop John J. Carberry. Father Robert L. Noon was appointed as its founding Pastor, June 16, 1967.  Father Noon has since retired.  Sunday Masses for the first five months were celebrated at Alpine Elementary School with parish meetings held at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church and sacraments held at St. Anthony Catholic Church.  The parish leased the basement of the old Main-Federal Savings and Loan building (on State Route 161 also known as East Dublin-Granville Road) in December, 1968.  The land for the parish was donated by a gentleman within the Sharon Woods Community who stipulated that the church be named after his deceased wife, Elizabeth.  Ground-breaking for the church took place September 14, 1969, and the First Mass was joyfully celebrated Saturday, September 5, 1970, with formal dedication observed on March 26, 1971.

Father Arthur Dimond, our second Pastor, arrived in our Christian Community in August, 1977, and served up until his retirement in July, 1989.  Father Dimond passed on April 29, 2003.

Father Rodric J. DiPietro, our third Pastor, served from July, 1989 until June, 2001, and was very active in the renovation of the church in 1992.  He also served as Pastor at St. Brendan’s Church in Hilliard, Ohio, who passed August 13, 2011.

Father Charles E. Cotton, our fourth Pastor, was welcomed in July, 2001, and was constructive in the planning and building of our new education/meeting centre and renovation of Pastors’ Hall in 2007.  The new education centre and renovation of Pastors’ Hall was formally Blessed March 17, 2007, by Bishop Fredrick J. Campbell.  Father Cotton retired as Pastor June 30, 2016.  

Father Ramon Owera, current Administrator, comes to us from Holy Cross parish where his duties included chaplain and hospital ministries throughout the Columbus and surrounding areas.  Fr. Ramon is a priest of the religious order of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception.  Fr. John Vadakkettom, also of the same religious order, has been appointed Associate Administrator who will assist with Mass and continue his hospital ministries.

We have been very fortunate to have Deacons Larry Koebel, Frank X. Ball (retired June, 2006, and passed October 2, 2014), John J . Rericha (passed April 29, 2009), and Frank X. McDevitt (retired February, 2010 and passed February 15, 2017) who served at Saint Elizabeth Parish.  Our current Deacon, Dean W. Racine, was ordained from St. Elizabeth Parish, November 29, 2008.