Mission Statement

Saint Elizabeth Parish is a community of Catholic Christian believers. As a community, we provide an environment conducive to spiritual growth and supporting members' needs. Our spiritual needs are served by sharing sacraments and liturgy in the light of Scripture and Catholic tradition. Our social needs are served by sharing fellowship with our sisters and brothers in and beyond our community. Our faith formation and intellectual growth are served by providing and receiving Christian education at all ages. As individuals, our talents are employed in service to God, ourselves and others. We address special needs of parish members and those of our community as a whole, as we strive for full participation of the laity. Through our words and actions, guided by Christian concern, we make God known in our homes and workplace, throughout the world. Each of us seek an active, ongoing relationship with Jesus, as we imitate his daily walk and further God's kingdom on earth. By doing these things, the parish lives out the teaching of the Lord as we spread and fulfill God's word, do God's will and give glory to God's name.      
Adopted January 29, 1991